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Post operation recovery plays a major role in making surgery a success. Slow and poor recovery may take a toll on the patient’s mental and physical health. To avoid any post surgery complications, we recommend that all surgery patients receive professional recovery care.


Dream Beauty Recovery Concierges is dedicated to providing patients with exceptional  luxury aftercare and a comfortable and safe transition into a complete recovery that friends and family members cannot provide. Dream Beauty Recovery Concierges exclusive post operative care is offered in the comfort of your hotel/Air BnB of your choice in Miami and Atlanta, or in the privacy of your own home. 


We provide patients with private aftercare nursing to ensure you get the attentive care you need. We provide surgery aftercare for patients recovering from plastic surgery procedures such as Mommy Makeovers, Tummy tucks, Breast augmentation,  Brazilian Butt Lifts and many other plastic surgery procedures. 

We also provide  CPR, BLS, and blood borne pathogens training with certifications to post operation care providers, medical professionals, clinics, hospitals, schools etc. You can also check out our all inclusive recovery boxes, that are sure to relief your stress when knowing what to pack. Join our loyalty program for rewards!

*Please read our terms and conditions page when reserving services and courses. 


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Dream Beauty Services

Post Operative Care

12 hours of daily care, ON-Call RN Assessment, monitoring of vital signs, RX delivery, drain care, ambulation, Garment assistance, light meal prep, laundry services, monitoring for post op complications, post op education, personal assistance with grooming, showering, and toileting.

Blood Test

IV Hydration

IV hydration gives the body an immune boost into recovery. highly recommended

Spa Bed

Lymphatic Massages

Lymphatic massages are key into a speedy recovery. Massages help to relieve the body of fluid and aids in circulation.


We provide fast and friendly transportation services to post operative patients. Distance is not an issue. We support in pre-op, surgery day, post-op, and airport transportation.

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Hotel Accommodations 

Recover in peace! We provide our dolls with luxury hotel accommodations Guest are welcomed at NO EXTRA COST

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